EMS TENS Wireless Massage Device



EMS TENS Wireless
Massage Device


Wireless or remote control TENS unit allows you to invisibly treat pain and build muscle anytime and anywhere.

Accelerate microcirculation and promote the absorption of inflammatory substances, loose adhesion and smooth joints, relax muscle and relieve the muscular spasm, promote blood circulation and relieve pain


Big electrode pads suit for bigger part of the body.
Silicone material is more durable

The EMS TENS has 6 operation modes:

  1. Scrapping (for reaching deep seated pain)
  2. Tapping ( relieve muscle cramps)
  3. Accupunture (woks on chronic pain areas)
  4. Cupping (great for large muscles)
  5. Knead (for sensitive areas and small muscles)


  • Remote Control
  • USB Charge Cord
  • AC/USB Charger
  • Digital TENS Controller
  • Electrode Gel Pads
  • Lithium Battery
  • User Manual


Remote Control User Guide;

  1. Turn on the device, the device will be flashing.
  2. Turn on the remote control, then can be use the controller to control the device.

Button “on/off” to turn on or to turn off the device.

Button “+” to increase the device intensity level.

Button “-” to decrease the device intensity level.

Button M to choose different mode.

Button to choose pause the device.


Using the device when you have suspected or diagnosed epilepsy or heart disease may cause unexpected reaction. Always consult your physician before using the device


1 year (Exclude silicon gel pad. T&C apply)